Our History histgram
The founding pastor was Dr. John R. Chandler.
Rev. Chandler founded two churches,
Trinity in San Diego in 1951, and Trinity Presbyterian in San Jose in 1957. Construction was completed in 1959 and members were soon filling the sanctuary for Sunday worship. At the time of Rev. Chandler’s departure TPC had over 650 members.
Two senior pastors served our congregation from 1963 to September 1978. They averaged over six years of tenure. In September 1978 TPC called the Rev. Jack Longley as Senior Pastor and he served until April 2009, some 30 1⁄2 years.
* Rev Donald Hammond served as an Associate Pastor in the 2005 to 2008 time frame. Rev Hammond was called to serve as TPC’s Senior Pastor in March of 2011 and retired in September 2013.

Key individuals who served with Rev. Longley and continued to serve TPC after his departure are:

* Vincent Arishvara joined TPC in 2002 as a part time Youth worker and has now completed his Seminary studies and has been ordained and has served as our Temporary Pastor before being called to be our Senior Pastor on January 11, 2015. He was installed on March 1, 2015. 



Recent History

With the call of Rev. Hammond in March of 2011, many of his former congregation joined Trinity adding a full complement of generations to the congregation. We now have generations from infants to survivors, ( over 90). Trinity was immediately a six generational church congregation.

The staff was quickly changed from a part time office manager to a full time Coordinator of Ministries. The part time Youth Pastor remained. A contemporary service was added with a worship leader.

In mid 2012 we added a part time coordinator of Children’s Ministry who became full time mid year 2013. Also we added a Media Coordinator and a Food Pantry Coordinator. In February 2013 our youth pastor, Vincent Arishvara, was ordained and became Associate Pastor. During all of these changes our Chancel Choir Director continued to serve.

The facility needed immediate attention due to the years and years of emergency only maintenance being performed. A nursery was now required as well as Sunday school rooms. The entire facility was painted inside and out. Much needed maintenance was brought up to date and continues. Realizing that the facility was dated, the staff and leadership proposed to the congregation the following, which the congregation approved:

1) Upgrade the toilets to specifications outlined in the Americans With Disabilities

2) Expand entrance to eliminate confusion upon entering the church.

3) Replace outside doors for a more secure building.

This was completed in the fall of 2013.

Other actions taken during this time frame include a redefinition of our Mission Program. Trinity allots 10% of general giving to missions. Missions reach from San Jose to Eastern Europe, Africa and Mexico. Each mission has an owner who is in touch with the mission, knows its needs and prays for them. We also include a Pastor’s Mission trip to encourage this individual to lead by
example. A food bank partnering with 2nd Harvest, Trader Joes and Lunardi’s which serves 75-85 families a week was added in 2011.

Several other areas were addressed during this time frame, which include Stephens Ministries, new adult Bible studies during the week as well as Sunday morning and a midweek prayer group.