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Serving God means serving others

Serving others is as important a form of worship as the rest of our lives. We serve and support several organizations that meet the needs of people throughout our community, both here in San Jose and around the world.

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Trinity hosts Second Harvest Food Bank for a drive-thru/walk-in food pantry from 4–6 pm on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month. See more details.

Convalescent Hospital Ministry

Get involved: Contact Ida Strickland at 408-356-4261

Convalescent Hospital Ministry is an organization of volunteers with the goal to bring human comfort and spiritual nurture to residents of skilled nursing facilities across Santa Clara County.

Before shelter-in-place, we had 50 volunteers visiting the lonely and conducting services with prayer, music, and Bible studies. Over 20 volunteers are now waiting for these facilities to allow them to enter and spend time with the residents again.

There's great need for new volunteers. In Santa Clara Valley's 300 nursing facilities, 60% of residents feel abandoned by their families. These are the people we are trying to reach. We want these folks to know that they are not alone – God loves them and has not turned His back on them.

Get involved: Contact tjmissions@gmail.com

Basics is a non-profit organization that encourages churches to pay for building materials and send a team of people to help build small homes for the poor in Tijuana, Mexico.

While engaging in community service, members are invited into dialogue with community members to share friendship, understanding, faith, hope and love to create long-lasting bonds with God's people on both side of the US-Mexican border.

BASICS Tijuana Ministry has four areas of focus:

  • house building

  • children’s outreach program

  • mother’s outreach program

  • social justice

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Rancho Santa Marta is a non-denominational Christian ministry for needy children in Mexico. It is located in a striking desert setting, 175 miles south of the border in Baja California, on a 450 acre working ranch, just 15 miles from the ocean.

  • Orphanage for abandoned children offers a home to over 50 abandoned children.

  • Special education multi-center school educates over 300 children from the surrounding villages, some of whom manifest various types of learning disabilities. During the summer, a vocational trade school is provided for teenagers. There is no charge to attend the school.

  • Outreach and community service programs provide church worship services for the ranch's residents and nearby neighbors, as well as evangelism trips to Baja villages, the interior of Mexico, and Romania.

Photo by Asha Deep

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Asha Deep school was established in 2004 in India to give children a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty by providing a quality education in a loving environment, enabling them to live with dignity and respect. The name of the school translates loosely as Lamp of Hope School.

Asha Deep teaches regular academics, provides school lunch and educational supplies, and supports the mental, physical, and social development of their students. Over 200 children, ranging from 5-16 years old, attend classes from kindergarten through 8th grade. When students complete 8th grade, they are connected to sponsors so that they can continue to study through 12th grade and beyond.

Photo by Dave Matthews

Get involved: Contact davecmatt@gmail.com

Former Trinity member, Dave Matthews, under the organization, Faith in Action, has ministered in the Philippines since the early 1990s. He began on the island of San Miguel, where he was able to establish 4 churches, a radio ministry, and a youth camp. The four churches have fulfilled his prayers to become self-supporting and now continue under national leadership.

Now, Dave is evangelizing and discipling students from Bicol University in Legazpi on the mainland. His Bible training seminars have equipped a core group of young believers to establish a small but vibrant church near the Bicol University, which reaches out to fellow students and community members in Legazpi.

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Since its founding in 1998, Rise Against Hunger has packaged over 500 thousand meals and distributed them to over 75 countries worldwide. Through sustainable community development projects and their meal packaging program, they strive to make an impact on hunger by building resilience, self-sufficiency and empowerment in communities worldwide.

Rise Against Hunger follows three methods to accomplish their goal:

  • Safety net programs provide nourishment and education to communities facing food insecurity, while long-term food security projects take time to establish.

  • Crisis relief response deploys food and other assistance to communities affected by droughts, floods, conflict zones, and transitioning political situations.

  • Agriculture and income-generating initiatives provide training, access to quality seeds and fertilizers, and support for fish and livestock production. This help for local farmers and ranchers can increase production, diversify diets, and improve nutritional outcomes.